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Trichological Treatments Ireland

Trichological Treatments by Premier Hair Restoration provides a specialized hair and scalp treatment to women and men that want to improve the condition of their hair after damages due to bleach, hair colouring etc. This is performed and administered by professionals endorsed by the World Trichology Society and members of Medical boards and institutions.

Specialist Hair and Scalp Treatment for Men & Women in Ireland

The topical (externally applied) products (such as scalp stimulants and specialized shampoos) that we use in our centre are formulated by cosmetic chemists who combine many ingredients to produce the required product. Being part of the World Trichology Society gives PHR clinic access to the latest information about hair loss/hair thinning industry. We update our products frequently, so that our clients will be the first to avail of new advances in the market.

The scalp masks that we use are deep cleansing creams applied directly to the scalp, formulated to gently stimulate the scalp and/or control scalp flaking. The hair strengtheners used during the process are deep conditioners that help trap moisture into the cortex of the hair shaft.

After the scalp mask and the hair strengthener are applied on a patient’s hair and scalp, we use heat lamps to speed up their beneficial effects. Infra-red is a type of heat energy that is emitted from heat lamps and travel to the patient’s head. It will help increase metabolism in superficial tissues and it will help vasodilation (dilation of the capillaries and arterioles in the superficial tissues and around the hair follicles. This will improve the blood flow and so increase the availability of oxigen and nutrients and will increase removal of waste products.). Mild heat also has a sedative effect on sensory nerve endings, thus help a client during treatment. 

The next step is using shampoo to clean the hair and scalp of dirt, sebum and debris; conditioner, to help condition and shine the hair by smoothing the cuticle; and also scalp therapies or lotions, that are left on the scalp between washes to enable the active ingredients to have plenty of time to work.

The massages techniques used during the treatment are performed by our professional Trichologists in Ireland. Our Trichological specialists practised these massage methods during their clinical training in New York, so that the clients will benefit of our best Trichological treatments Ireland has to offer.

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