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Our Services

Here at Premier Hair restoration Clinic we provide all treatments and procedures available on the market at the moment when it comes to hair care and hair restoration. As hair restoration is a fast paced industry and being at the forefront of the technology, our clients will be the first to avail of new advances in the market as we always adapt to new changes. The major focus is to bring several methods and advanced techniques in modern hair restoration and making it affordable.

Hair Transplant & Non-Surgical Hair Regrowth Treatments

We provide surgical hair restoration such as Hair Transplant but also non-surgical treatments such as Low Level Laser Light Therapy and non-surgical hair integration. Premier Hair Restoration has developed a wide range of exclusive and well proven proprietary hair regrowth treatments and hair restoration procedures.  As well as that we also provide a number of specialized hair and scalp treatments to women that want to improve the condition of their hair after damages due to bleach, hair colouring etc. All these are performed and administered by professionals endorsed by the World Trichology Society and members of Medical boards and institutions.

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All treatments begin with a proper consultation, which includes a detail and in-depth examination of hair and scalp, construction of case history, diagnosis and prognosis. Premier Hair Restoration adopts a tailored, individualized approach to every patient, as each hair loss case is considered carefully and the best plan is developed for the patient for optimal results to be achieved. The clinic has a duty of care to the fast growing hair industry and prides itself with its holistic approach and delivering an individual solution for each of their clients.

The overall goal at PHR Clinic is to restore patient’s self esteem through the use of quality hair restoration treatment and procedures.!!

Our Services

  • Non-surgical Hair Replacement
  • Laser Hair Regrowth Therapy
  • Hair Transplant
  • Trichological Treatments
  • Micropigmentation
  • Hair Restoration