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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Ireland

A number of factors such as physiological, psychological and medical conditions can trigger hair thinning or hair loss, sometimes leading to a permanent or temporary condition. 

For this reason, it can be a very distressing experience to go through especially for women, so we are bringing all our experience and expertise to create the most sophisticated and natural looking hair replacement systems for both men and women. This Non-Surgical hair replacement option is used for male genetic conditions, female hair loss, alopecia areata, people going through chemotherapy etc. This is also the number 1 choice for people that had unsuccessful hair transplants.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is regarded as a carefully integrated hair that is blended with perfection to the client’s balding area. It can have a silicone-plastic base, lace, or a combination of both. The hair replacement acts as a second skin that has hair inserted into and matches to perfection the client’s own natural growing hair. Hair replacement systems can be done in stages as well, giving the appearance of the hair coming back gradually over a period of time chosen by the client.

Most of the hair replacement systems are aimed at men experiencing aggressive hair loss, but women unfortunately are also experiencing various forms of alopecia.

Apart from normal people opting for this hair integration option, nowadays, more and more TV stars, celebrities, actors and people who are engaged in public eye have chosen this type of hair replacement. This is because they want to maintain a younger look, boost their confidence and self-esteem and create a better and more positive image for themselves and their careers. 

We are constantly investing and researching this field and ultimately our clients avail of high end quality hair replacement with the help of technical skills of an experienced hair replacement specialist. Our hair integration procedure not only is undetectable to others but also comes with the benefit of being able to sleep, shower, swim, train and carry on with your current lifestyle.

They are virtually undetectable because of the way the base of the hair replacement is secured to the scalp, so that the hairs appear to be growing straight out of your scalp in order to create a natural and realistic hairline. 

Benefits of having a hair replacement procedure:

  • Instant results
  • Non-invasive; Non-intrusive
  • No side effects
  • Undetectable to other people
  • Does Not restrict you from your normal lifestyle
  • Low maintenance
  • The perfect option for people that had bad hair transplants and can’t be saved with more surgery.

Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Dublin