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Starting to notice you’re losing your hair?

  • “In the last while, I see more scalp showing through...”
  • “I can notice more hair in the shower and on my pillow...”
  • “My hairline looks thinner and thinner...”
  • “My ponytail has less and less volume...”
  • “My hair lost its shine and vitality...”
  • “My hair looks brittle and dull...”

For a lot of our patients, and of course for a high percentage of both men and women, these signs are the first to indicate a hair loss or thinning problem. 

Here at Premier Hair restoration we understand and respect that most people that are affected by hair loss or hair thinning take a lot of time before they consider  booking a consultation. 

This is a very sensitive problem for them but we want to encourage more and more people that having a professional and confidential consultation is the first step they should be doing as it will put them at ease knowing that there are options available.

 Hair loss and other changes affect people in different ways and many patients coming through our doors are emotionally upset about losing their hair, hence our expert trichologists are prepared for any level of emotional distress.

If you are affected by hair loss or hair thinning and you want to do something positive about it, we urge you to do your research, ask us as many questions and then take action. When you are ready to talk to us, we are here to help you by designing a result-orientated treatment program based on your needs.

Remember, without the first step of having a consultation, results won’t happen.